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The year of 2015

Our Company established a wholly-owned IT subsidiary, Luzheng Information, to provide IT outsourcing and software development services to other PRC futures firms and to enhance our IT capacities.

Our Company was given an AA rating under Class A by the CSRC, marking the rating of Class A futures company by the CSRC for six consecutive years. Our Company successfully launched OTC options business,  through Luzheng Trading,making it one of the first futures Company in the PRC to engage in OTC options business.

The year of 2014
The year of 2013

Our Company founded a wholly-owned subsidiary, Luzheng Trading, and was one of the first futures companies that have set up subsidiaries to conduct commodity trading and risk management businesses. Luzheng Trading and Rizhao Port Group Co., Ltd. entered into a joint venture agreement with respect to the establishment of Rizhao Physical Commodity Trading Board,and their respective shareholdings were 49% and 51%.

In February, our Company was qualified for the futures investment consulting business.
In November, our Company was among the first batch of futures companies qualified for the asset management business.
In December, our Company was renamed as “LUZHENG FUTURES Company Limited” upon completion of the Reorganization, and our registered capital was increased to RMB750 million.

The year of 2012
The year of 2011

In December, our Company passed the information technology special inspection conducted by the CSRC, indicating that the setup and management of our Company’s information technology have met “Class 4” technical grade requirements under the Guidelines for the Administration of Information Technology of Futures Companies. Our Company has been the only futures company in the industry up to now that have met the highest standards of information technology under the said guidelines.

CSRC classified and rated futures companies for the first time. Our Company was rated the highest class rating – a Class-A futures company.

The year of 2009
The year of 2007

In February, our Company was renamed from “Shandong Quanxin Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.” to “Luzheng Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.”
In November,
our Company was qualified as a general clearing member of the China Financial Futures Exchange

In December, our Company was renamed from “Luzheng Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd.” to “Luzheng Futures Limited”

Qilu Securities became the Controlling Shareholder of our Company.

The year of 2006
The year of 1995

Our predecessor Quanxin Futures was established.


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