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Luzheng Economic and Trade Co., Ltd (hereafter referred as Luzheng Economic and Trade, or the company) which is a subsidiary wholly owned by Luzheng Futures Co., Ltd and mainly provides risk management services, located in Qianhai Shenzhen. Currently, the main business scope filling with China Futures Association contains warehouse warrant services, basis trading. 

Luzheng Economic and Trade has set up a professional team with futures, physical and overseas derivatives market working experiences. In order to meet all kinds of risk management demands from multiple kinds of customers, Luzheng Economic and Trade focuses on applying professional risk management skills to provide customized and personalized risk management services for institutional customers. 

The company will cooperate with enterprises to carry forward warehouse business, fulfill the demands of inventory turnover, plus management and transition of warehouse warrant. Through combining professional risk management ability and physical industry chain, we could help clients to carry forward risk-free or low-risk basis trading. Meantime, with the professional ability in derivatives market, we could also guide and help enterprises to utilize domestic and overseas derivatives tools such as futures, option, swap to set up and complete pricing system and model, and to avoid all kinds of price risks, which could fulfill enterprises’ personalized demands of risk management, enhance the competitive and comprehensive risk management ability, promote sustained and steady development of those enterprises. 

Relying on futures background of our solo shareholder, Luzheng Futures, Luzheng Economic and Trade will give full play to advantages of talents, research and channels to make an innovation platform which provides comprehensive services of risk management by exploring and practicing. Luzheng Economic and Trade Co., Ltd will utilize various risk management tools, helping and promoting development of entity enterprises.

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