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Futures Investment Consultancy business is a series of risk management consultancy services, conducted by Futures company based on clients mandates, to set up risk management systems, operational procedures, provide risk management consultancy and special training; a series of research and analysis services to gather and form futures market and related economic information, research and analysis futures and real economy prices and related influencing factors, produce and provide research reports and news and information brochures. The business includes designing investment plans such as hedging or arbitrage plans, preparing futures trading strategies. 

Based on strong strength on research, we are capable to provide all kinds of financial service to meet investors’ diversified needs, such as guidance of futures trading, consulting of risk management, and special training. 

In-depth research report: through combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, helps investors to analyze prices and related influencing factors of futures market and real economy, and irregularly offers investment scheme and trading guiding closing to actual practice. 

Financial/commodity journal: assists investors deeply understanding the world macroeconomic policy, masters advanced futures theory and investment analysis to set up the right investment philosophy.

Periodic report: fully discloses of basic rule of futures market to investors, scientifically designs investment planning of risk management, hedging and arbitrage, including annual, semi-annual, weekly, daily analysis report, and morning conference comments. 

Track-guiding on trading: provides one-to-one track-guiding to specific clients (VIP) to extend asset management service coverage. 

Risk management consulting: helps institutional investors to build up risk management system, completes organizational structure and operational procedure, offer constant services of risk management and special training.

Program trading: provides platform of program trading, capital allocation and position management model on financial futures, commodities and options. This comprehensive multi-programming platform can be well maintained and following-up explored within its validity period according to clients’ requirements and changing market conditions.

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