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Luzheng Futures’ highly-qualified financial services are driven by its strong Research and Development (hereafter referred as R&D) support. The corporation keeps focusing on recruitment and training of financial analysts and experts. Now we has built up a comprehensive talent team of multi-disciplines professionals, senior experts, financial mathematical elites committed to delivering a combination of honesty, efficiency, professional strategic advice and the highest intelligent level of service to its clients 

Research Idea

Holding the idea of “team-based structure, empirical research, market-oriented product”, R&D Department devotes all to providing all-round optimal risk management solutions. 

R&D Team

Now Luzheng Futures R&D Department employs more than 30 analysts, and 95% of them have master’s degree or above, 30% of them have overseas studying experiences. They serve clients through teams of professionals that typically include experts having rich experiences in futures markets, and outstanding elites having fund of knowledge of advanced financial engineering instruments with international advanced ideas. R&D Department has been divided in five teams, including financial, metal, agricultural, energy and chemical and quantitative engineering. Among those teams, the agricultural team was rewarded “Top 10 R&D Team of DCE in 2012”, and the other teams or individuals also have been rewarded a great amount of honors. 

R&D Capabilities

Fundamental analysis: studies deeply in industries, establishes good relationships with experts in physical market, creates a huge professional data base and therefore deliver feasible risk management solutions for real economy; pays attention to research detailing and dividing, as well as financial analysis consolidating, takes financial area as financial study objects and sets up different positions, including data analysis, currency market, foreign exchange, index(not restricted to stock index ), asset securitization design and innovative financial derivative instruments(option, swap).

Advanced mathematical analysis: integrates of all kinds of financial instruments, and utilizes advanced financial engineering and mathematical methods to fulfill clients’ personalized requirements.

Outstanding risk management consultant: offers customized investment solutions on a wide range of hedging, arbitraging and futures trading; assists clients to set up risk management system, organizational structure and operational procedures; provides special training of risk management (not limited to futures).


R&D Headquarter (Jinan) Tel: +86 0531-81678626

R&D Branch (Beijing) Tel: +86 010-68080186-809

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